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Vinyl siding is a popular product because it is an economical option to weatherize the exterior of your home, and is also considered by many to be environmentally friendly. It comes in a variety of thicknesses starting at builder grade up to the premium line, is very durable standing up to our harsh weather environments, and comes in a vast array of styles and colors. One of the best things about it is that it never needs painting so throw that paint brush out and get back to enjoying your home! As a native Utah Vinyl Siding Contractor we can help you create that look that will give your home or business a completely new face lift.

Vinyl Siding Styles

White Vinyl Siding

We like the Mastic Product Line because of its color depth, durability, and availability in our market. Check out the different styles they offer:

  • Their Insulated Siding line gives you not only the strength and durability but also the insulated values as well. The long flat pieces are among the best in the market and come with a great warranty too! Check out more on the product line at Mastic's Siding Options.
  • Traditional Lap Siding is by far one of the most popular products available. Even within this style alone you have the option to choose either a Standard Lap Siding Panel, Dutch Lap, or take advantage of a Smooth or Wood Grain Finish. Check out all of the different options you have at Mastic's Lap Siding Options.
  • Vertical Siding has become a very popular item when you are looking to separate out an accent or design feature on your home or business. Many people use them for porches or entryways, gables or dormers. It is a fast growing accessory that highlights those features without the higher price tag of some of the other products on the market. View all of the different product options at Mastic's Vertical Siding Section.
  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Siding in a vinyl product. What more can you ask for? A wood textured, maintenance free product to give your home or business that rustic look. If you like the look of these siding options but don’t want to have to stain it every other year to keep it looking great then this is the option for you. View the product specifications at Mastic's Shake & Shingles Siding Section.

Vinyl Siding colors

Wayfield Siding Finish

There is no better time to be installing new vinyl siding on your home or business because the vast color selection is off the chart. Siding manufacturers have perfected the creation of different color pigments with the help of technology and research and development. The colors out on the market now are made to last for years to come despite being exposed to the sun and other weather conditions every day. Take a look at the color options available in the Mastic Line.

As we’ve mentioned before if there are other colors or products you wish to look at we will be happy to show those to you as well.

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Customer Testimonials

Date: Jan 2013
George Christopoulos

"Took out the old heat tape and put in new heat tape and replace shingles around vents.Ryan Brady is the vice president of the company and the one who gave me the bids. He is very professional and explained everything in detail. The work they did was excellent and Ryan always took my calls as I had questions. It was great working with him especially after working with the contractor who put on my roof incorrectly. I would highly recommend this company. There is no sales pitch just honest guys that do great work."

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