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Utah Commercial Flat Roof

The roof on your commercial property is what is protecting everything you have invested enormous amounts of time and money into. Regardless of if your commercial roof is being used to house your own business or is a rental to other businesses it isn’t something that you can leave unprotected. We at Aspen Roofing understand the importance of quick repairs or replacement and making sure it is done right the first time. Your time is valuable and you need a roofer that values it and has the experience it takes to install a long lasting flat roof system. We assure you that you’ll receive the best workmanship and longest lasting products on your project that will give you years of coverage and worry free protection. When designing a properly working flat roof system we consider all components from the roofing membrane, flashings, boots, vents, curbs, and fasteners. We believe it is important to keep all materials of a flat roofing system with the same manufacturing company. Other roofing companies in Utah may try to make it appear that they are saving you money by swapping roof components between manufacturers which can cost you money in the long run by compromising your roof warranty and overall system. We choose the best products on the market for our customers by doing our research and by comparing installation practices on previous projects.

We do not install tar and gravel roofs anymore as we feel they are not long lasting durable products, especially when there are so many other product options out on the market. We recommend using a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane or something similar as this is one of the only materials that helps prevent ponding water, gives you superior coverage, and most are reflective giving you reduction in energy costs. Membrane options vary from 40Mil, 50Mil, or 60Mil.

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Don’t forget that Aspen Roofing is an Authorized Installer for energy efficient flat roof materials through GAF, including TPO membranes giving you the best warranties around. Our Aspen Roofing Representatives are happy to show you the warranty comparisons on any of the flat roof products we offer.

Color Selection

Flat Roof View from on the Roof

One of the only downsides to flat roofing material is that there are not as many color selections available. White is typically used because of its ability to act as a UV absorber which offers some great energy saving options for you. While there are several different manufacturers for low slope and no slope roofing products there are a few that we recommend because we believe their products to be of higher quality, and have better warranties covering them. If you are looking for a GAF low slope or no slope roofing product you can find additional information at GAF's Low Slope Roofing Products or also check out the full line of Certainteed products on their website at Certainteed's Products. Mulehide has some good color options in their TPO Product Line.


Veremat Device

To properly install a TPO membrane will require a special piece of equipment called a Veramat. Our company decided to invest in this piece of equipment so we have the ability to heat weld TPO products for our clients. We believed that this was the best option in the marketplace for low slope roofs. We also invested time and training in our flat roofing crew on how to create the best heat welded seams in the industry.

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Customer Testimonials

Date: Jun 2011
Carly F.

"Thank you so very much for going above and beyond to get our job finished today--we really appreciate it, Ryan!
Raphael (and Manuel) are so wonderful--such hard workers. We are very happy with their work, and their attention to detail, cleanliness and personal touch. I am sure they are relieved to be finished with this crazy job!! I can see why your brother said we would love Raphael--he really is such a great guy--what a sweetheart. We also really appreciate the way you have handled the water leak situation. The dormer looks wonderful--thank you very much. I just want to say that your customer service has really been exceptional all around, I know that this job went a little atypical for you, and took longer than you thought, (and you have a heavily pregnant, demanding, impatient woman on your hands), and I appreciate the way you have handled everything. I/we will have nothing but great things to say about you, and your service and craftsmanship, cleanliness, etc. etc..
The roof looks fantastic!
Carly F."

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