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Utah Roof Inspections & Certifications

If you are in the market for a purchasing a new building you are typically required to conduct a roof certification by the lender. This certification has to be done by a professional licensed roofing contractor. We understand that timing is important in getting these performed in relation to buying/selling a home and will try our best to meet those. It is a minimum of $65 per hour for a standard roof certification, and depending on the size of the roof and report requirements it can at times take quite a bit of time. The certification is done by a qualified Aspen Roofing representative that has extensive roofing knowledge and expertise.

Please Note: Roof inspections are accomplished by observing visible elements while walking over the roof surface. The inspector is concerned only with what he can see at the time of the inspection on the roof. Inspection fee is due PASS or FAIL at time of roof inspection. If upon completing the inspection the roof covering is deemed in need of repairs, and the roof failed to qualify for the roof certification, we will advise you of the necessary roof repairs needed. We will re-inspect at one time at no additional cost after repairs have been completed.

Utah Commercial Roof Maintenance

Leaves in Dirt on Roof

To maintain the quality and longevity of your roof system Aspen Roofing recommends a roof maintenance service in both the spring and fall. This service assesses the roofs overall functioning condition, and penetration maintenance. The service includes clearing the roof of organic matter and debris such as leaves, twigs, and other items that can cause premature roof failure. We give you a full evaluation report to provide recorded proof for your roof insurance and warranty records.

Utah Heat Cable Systems

Heat Cable Maintenance

Heat cable is a great way to deal with our harsh climate and allows the ice dams to drain, preventing them from damaging your roof or gutter systems. They need to be installed on a dedicated circuit. Most installations are on the surface that require undesirable penetrations, but can also be installed underneath the roof system to prevent putting holes in a roof and are more aesthetically pleasing. Heat cable is usually installed in the gutter system and along the eve to alleviate ice dams. It is recommended to install a thermostatic control for your heat cables because they can get expensive to run otherwise.

Heat cable comes in two different types

  1. Self-Regulating- Are the preferred cable type and can be custom fit to your building in different sizes
  2. Non Self-Regulating- Come pre-fabricated (cannot be customized), are relatively inexpensive, and last for about 2 years on average.

Regardless of which system you choose we are the best contractor to install it for you because we understand the importance between the roof ventilation, gutters and the functions that intertwine them. An electrician will generally not be as concerned about trying to keep holes out of your roof system where we will.

Utah Ice Melt Systems

Commercial Building with Ice Melt System Installed

Ice melt systems can be electric or hydronic systems. They can be retro fit to an existing system without damaging your existing roof system or can be installed in conjunction with a new roof. The best features about these products are that they are completely invisible to the eye, other than the fact that snow and ice won’t be visible on your roof or overhang. These systems are the best solution for troubled areas where snow and ice damaged roofs can create dangerous scenarios with large hanging icicles. Ice melt systems can be as simple as being installed in existing gutters and along the roof edge or as elaborate as full surface installations when necessary. We see a lot of Park City Roofs and Heber Roofs that find them to be a necessity in their area. They can be installed with a thermostatic control as well as a humidistat for optimal operation. Hydronic ice melt systems can be tied into your existing boiler. Although they come with a higher price tag they are extremely effective.

Utah Snow Removal Contractor

Roof snow removal can be dangerous and requires proper fall protection and should only be performed by a trained roofing professional. Snow removal is sometimes necessary to remove excessive weight that can collapse the roof on your business. Aspen Roofing performs snow removal regularly at local ski resorts, commercial properties, HOA’s, and Utah property management groups as requested. We remove snow and ice dams to immediately stop roof leaks until a more permanent repair can be made. Again we don’t recommend you do this yourself! We regularly train our staff and carry Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurances so you don’t have to.

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Date: Oct 2013

"We love Aspen Roofing. Their bids are always complete and very fair and we trust them as licensed contractors. Everyone there is always professional. The work is first class and was completed very timely. Our home looks wonderful with the new roof, soffit and facia."

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