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Commercial Roof Repair Utah

Aspen Roofing is a company that you can trust if you just need a roof repair. We are not looking to sell you a new roof unless you absolutely need one. If your roof can be repaired we will help you accomplish that instead of spending money prematurely on a complete roof system that doesn’t need it. We built our business on doing simple roof repairs for commercial property owners, HOA’s, and property management groups who are now returning customers because we were honest the first time.

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Utah Commercial Shingle Roof Repair

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There are many types of reasons a shingle roof may need to be repaired, usually due to previous roofing work performed. Some might include roof shingle blow offs, improper roof fasteners, improper roof flashing installation, roof shingles curling, roof pipe leaks, and many others just to name a few. Our roofing estimators take pictures of what is happening up on your commercial roof to help educate you on the problem and the solution to go along with it.

Utah Commercial Flat Roof Repair

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Flat roof repair is also one of our specialties. As we mentioned we work with several property management groups maintaining their commercial roof repairs. There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing a leak in your flat roof, including improper number of roof fasteners or roof fastener installation, torn or cracked roofing membrane, ponding water on roof, or simply have a tar and gravel roof system failing. Our commercial roof estimators also document and take pictures of what is happening on the roof to help educate you on the problem and the solution to fix it.

Utah Commercial Tile Roof Repair

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If your own a business with a tile roof, you know that they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep here in Utah. Tile roofs may need to be repaired due to cracked roof tiles, loose or falling tiles, L-flashing problems/improper installation, valley metal starts buckling, and many other problems that can contribute as well. We are happy to repair your tiles as needed and if the time comes to replace them you may want to consider looking at the new shingles that resemble the look of tile. Ask your Aspen Roofing representative to show you product selections.

Utah Metal Roof Repair

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While we don’t see it as often, there is a need for metal roof repairs in our market. Most of it is due to icicle damage on ski resorts or other Park City Roofs. Harsh weather in our higher altitudes will sometimes damage metal roof systems. Icicle damage can bend metal roofs if there isn’t a heat cable or ice melting system installed on your roof. The first step to repair metal roofs includes snow removal from the roof to expose the material and assess the damage. Sometimes fixing it can be as simple as gently cleaning the roof system and re-screwing the failing screws with new sealant. Let us take a look at the damage and see if it can be repaired before looking into replacement options.

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Date: Feb 2013
Quality: Excellent
Michael Lundquist

"I've used several roofing companies and Aspen is hands down "The Best". They are honest, reliable, and put great attention to detail and craftsmanship to their work. I will definitely use them as a preferred service provider. Thanks Aspen!"

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