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The look of shingle roofs have changed dramatically over the years. Roofing manufacturers have perfected the combination of color pigments to create remarkable new roof colors, and roof styles. Many new roof shingles also offer different patterns and dimensions, some of which can even give your property the look of tile or wood shakes on your roof while providing longer lasting protection. We take pride in providing our customers with a complete roofing system where other Utah Commercial Roofers may try to cut corners which will compromise your roof in the long run. Our complete roofing systems include the best matched underlayment for the type of shingle you choose, flashings, roof ventilation, and accessories.

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Shingle colors and styles will vary depending on how much money you are looking to invest in your roof system and if you want the good, better, or best shingle on the market. GAF product types and color selections in our area can be found at GAF Products. They also have a really neat online tool (Virtual Home Remodeler) that allows you to upload a picture of your business and pick a color and style showing you what the finished roofing system would look like. One of our Aspen Roofing representatives can walk you through it during your Free Roofing Consultation or you can access it at the following web address but only after setting up an online account with them. Virtual Home Remodeler

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We believe in not only installing a quality roof system but quality roof accessories also. We take the time to make sure that they match not only the color of your roof but are also considered the best product for that type of roof system. It may not seem like a big deal but if cheap vents or pipes are purchased and installed it can compromise your entire system. We take the time to research our products and how to properly install them to give you the best overall functioning roof for your property.

As mentioned, we hold a Master Shingler Applicator status through CertainTeed which allows us to offer you the Sure Start Plus 5 Star coverage giving you 50 years of protection as well. Review more about the warranty comparisons and how our status offers you more value for your money at CertainTeed Warranties.

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Date: Feb 2013
Quality: Excellent
Michael Lundquist

"I've used several roofing companies and Aspen is hands down "The Best". They are honest, reliable, and put great attention to detail and craftsmanship to their work. I will definitely use them as a preferred service provider. Thanks Aspen!"

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