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Aspen Roofing comes out and gives you an energy assessment that will provide a starting point toward sizing a PV system that makes sense for you and your home. Your expectation for load (energy use) helps us to size a system to suit your needs. Regardless if you’re looking for an Off-Grid system, Grid-tie system, or a Grid-tie with battery back-up we can design a system for you.

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Solar Panels on Roof

Photovoltaic Solar is a good long-term investment that has some great incentive options right now. PV systems can be expensive to buy so now is the time while there are incentives and rebates available. These systems allow you to get more for your investment. You are able to put money into a product that continues to pay you back long after it pays for itself, helping you during those retirement years. If you invest in a solar system you have an energy source that you own vs. renting from a utility company. It is also great for helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Allow us to get your roof finished and be your solar installer to help save time and money in the long run.

Utah Cool Roof Shingles

View of Solar Panels on the Roof from the Roof

Shingles that have an energy-star rating are referred to as cool shingles. They come in various colors and reflective qualities that help to lower your utility costs in the summer by reducing the heat absorbed through the roof. These shingles have a special granular coating that goes through an addition manufacturing process to coat the granules with an acrylic coating. This coating gives the shingle the reflective quality. The emissivity of this special process also allows the shingles to cool off faster when the sun goes down, or behind clouds etc. These shingles attract less heat and do not hold the heat as long as conventional shingles.

Solar Roofing Shingles

Close up of the Solar Panels

CertainTeed makes a solar shingle that can be installed on the roof deck integrated into asphalt shingles. These solar moduals can be installed with a new installation or over an existing roof system. The Apollo II series has a power rating of 54 watts per modual. These moduals have a low profile and are black monocrystaline silicone solar cells on a black frame to help blend into your roof. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or just reduce your utility bill these are a great option.

Utah Solar Incentives

There are several types of incentives from both the federal government, state, as well as some of the Utility Companies. For the latest information on Federal Renewables which could be up to 30% for residential until 12/31/2016, go to the Dsire Website at You can also find information on Utah State Renewables and Utility Rebates available by going to

Utah Green Roofs

Side View of the Solar Panels

Green roofs can mean many things depending on who you are talking to. It could mean that you are using a recyclable product such as metal for your roof or it could be a flat roof membrane with a roof garden. Most green roof systems help to protect the building from sun by reflecting or absorbing the solar energy. The largest surface in direct sunlight on a home in most cases is your roof. This makes your roof a prime candidate for a solar system which also can be considered a “green roof.” All of these systems have an environmental friendly component that helps make your home energy efficient and more self sufficient too.

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Date: Jan 2013
George Christopoulos

"Took out the old heat tape and put in new heat tape and replace shingles around vents.Ryan Brady is the vice president of the company and the one who gave me the bids. He is very professional and explained everything in detail. The work they did was excellent and Ryan always took my calls as I had questions. It was great working with him especially after working with the contractor who put on my roof incorrectly. I would highly recommend this company. There is no sales pitch just honest guys that do great work."

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