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Utah Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are a great investment in your home especially when you are looking for a long lasting Utah roof. With lots of different mechanical locking styles and colors available you can be sure your metal roof will make your neighbors green with envy. Not only are they extremely durable, long lasting, and better for our environment, but when installed by a professional roofer they can save you money on your energy costs and immediately add equity to your home. Ask your Aspen Roofing representative to show you our metal roof install ROI calculator. A clear outline as to why metal is one of fastest growing roofing products on the market.

Our metal roofing products are purchased from vendors who appreciate quality as well so that your metal roof will last for years to come. A clear outline as to why metal is one of the fastest growing roofing products on the market.

Product types include:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Kynar Steel
  • Rusted Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

Color Selection

Red Metal Roof

Metal roof colors vary depending on what type of look you want for your home. Not only do we offer roof products in the metal options listed above but if you are looking at choosing a 24 Gauge Kyanar Coated Galvanized Steel product you have about 30 colors to choose from. If you want something a little more upscale take a look at the 5 Premium Colors available too. A few of the color selections can be viewed at Metal Roof Colors.

Utah Metal Roof Profiles

Brick House with Red Metal Roof

Metal Roof Profiles vary depending on the look you want to accomplish and how long you want the roof to hold up for you. There are profiles that will give your roof a longer life cycle. Ask you Aspen Representative to show you the differences. You can view the following profiles we carry and more details at Metal Roof Profiles

  • Nail Fin Concealed Fastener Panel
  • 1” Mechanically Seamed Locking Panel
  • 1 ½” Mechanically Seamed Locking Panel
  • 1 ¾” Snap Lock Roof Panel
  • 2” Mechanically Seamed Locking Panel
  • Bermuda Concealed Fastener Roof Panel (we are the only one in Utah with this profile)
  • Radius and barrel roofing

Quality Utah Roofing Contractor

Truck Carrying Metal Roof Materials

Installing a metal roof should be done by a professional roofing company who has experienced metal roof installers that have been doing it for years and are considered experts in the industry. Think about the amount of precision it takes to cut into metal when you are installing around pipes, vents, etc. There is a craftsmanship required to not only install it correctly but to make it look aesthetically pleasing to the eye as well.

Utah Metal Roof Warranties

Don’t forget that we are one of only a select few Western Regional Approved Installers within the Drexel Metals DM-ARM Program allowing us to offer you the new finish warranty that is 35 years non prorated. This includes not only material but labor as well (providing the roof system is installed entirely of Drexel products -including clips, screws, underlayment, and metal). Additional warranty information on metal roofing products can be found at Drexel Metals Warranty Info.

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Customer Testimonials

Date: Dec 2012
Quality: Very Good
Erin Comstock

"This is my 2nd time using Aspen roofing to help repair some water leaks on my roof. Both times they have given me a great quote and great work!"

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