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Utah Roof Replacement

You know that you have 2 layers on your roof, it’s showing signs of failing, and that the life cycle of your roof is coming to an end. The time to replace your roof has come. We at Aspen Roofing know more about roof replacement than you as a consumer will probably ever want to know. Let Aspen Roofing help educate you on all the new product lines and colors on the market, which one’s will give you longer roof coverage, and which roofs will provide you with energy savings when installed as a complete roof system.

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Utah Metal Roof Replacement

Metal Roof Home

Metal roofs are a great investment in your home especially when you are looking for a long lasting Utah roof. With lots of different mechanical locking styles and colors available you can be sure your metal roof will make your neighbors green with envy. Not only are they extremely durable, long lasting, and better for our environment, but when installed by a professional roofer they can save you money on your energy costs and immediately add equity to your home. Don’t forget that we are one of only a select few Western Regional Approved Installers within the Drexel Metals DM-ARM Program giving you the best warranties available in this market. See for yourself by comparing your ROI on a metal roof install. A clear outline as to why metal is one of fastest growing roofing products on the market.

Utah Shingle Roof Replacement

Home Shingle Replacement Progress

The look of shingle roofs have also changed dramatically over the years. Roofing manufacturers have perfected the combination of color pigments to create remarkable new roof colors, and roof styles. Many new roof shingles also offer different patterns and dimensions, some of which can even give your home the look of tile or wood shakes on your roof while providing longer lasting protection. We take pride in providing our customers with a complete roofing system where other Utah roofers may try to cut corners which will compromise your roof in the long run. Our complete roofing systems include the best matched underlayment for the type of shingle you choose, flashings, roof ventilation, and accessories. If you have to install a new roof make sure you use an experienced and trained roofer that is fully insured for your protection. As we mentioned Aspen Roofing holds a Emerald Premium Contractor status through Malarkey. As one of only 5 in the valley we are able to offer you the best warranties available on the market. Very few roofers in Utah have been selected to participate and can offer you this same value and piece of mind.

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Utah Flat Roof Replacement

Home Getting Flat Replacement

Flat roof replacement isn’t a cut and dry process, especially if you have a flat roof and a pitched roof that jointly cover your home. This complicated combination requires a roofer that has years of experience installing so that you combine roof coverage for your home effectively and efficiently. Many other roofing contractors don’t know how to join the roof structures to ensure adequate protection and will slap on sealant that doesn’t keep roof leaks out and makes the area look messy and unappealing to the eye. Our Aspen Roofing Flat Crew prides itself on their installation techniques because they have experience in both pitched and flat and know how to properly tie them in together. Our commercial roof estimators custom design a high wind resistant roof system including all roofing membrane, flashings, boots, vents, curbs, and fasteners specific to your project. It is important to keep all components of a flat roofing system with the same manufacturing company. Other roofing companies in Utah may try to make it appear that they are saving you money by swapping roof components between manufacturers which can cost you money in the long run by compromising your roof warranty and overall system. We choose the best products on the market for our customers by doing our research and by comparing installation practices on previous projects.

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Utah Tile Roof Replacement

Tile roofs are not as common in Utah because of our harsh winter weather; however there are more tile roof options available on the market today than ever before. Tile roof systems now come in a variety of shapes and sizes with some giving you a more Mediterranean feel while others have longer flatter pieces giving it a bolder look. Regardless of if you like the look of a flat tile or a curved tile you’ll find that interlocking abilities can offer you good protection even in Utah. Don’t forget that there are also new shingle products out that give you the look of tile.

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Customer Testimonials

Date: Jul 2013
Daniel Love

"This is now my third and fourth times using Aspen, and they have yet to disappoint in the least. Metal bay window roof and rain gutters look beautiful. Excellent quality of work, excellent customer service. I have no reason to look elsewhere in the future."

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