Damaged Siding

Utah Siding Repair

Cracked or broken siding is no reason for despair. There are several techniques that can be used to repair your siding if it has been damaged by wind or other harsh weather factors. Regardless of if you need to repair a vinyl siding system, cement board system, metal wall panels, or your siding soffit or fascia we can help.

We are not looking to sell you a new siding system unless you absolutely need one. If your siding can be repaired we will help you accomplish that instead of spending money prematurely on a new one that isn’t needed. We built our business on doing simple siding repairs for property owners, HOA’s, and property management groups who are now returning customers because we were honest the first time.

Utah Metal Wall Panels Repair

Metal Wall Siding

Wall panel repairs are commonly seen in older industrial and commercial buildings. Large dents or perforations may occur or even fastener issues during original installation. Repairing an existing metal wall panel system can be as simple as replacing the damaged panel or in some cases it may require you to replace the entire system. Aspen Roofing can match existing wall panel profiles or at least come close enough that it wouldn’t be apparent to the naked eye. We can also match existing colors on the building. It is just a matter of matching and painting the panel after installation.

We have several metal profiles available and can custom cut and fit for any project. See the full line of profiles and color options under the “Panels” tab.

Utah Vinyl Siding Repair

Vinyl Siding with Grass

If your siding has suffered damaged we will work hard to not only find a solution to prevent further damage to your home or business but also try to match an existing color or style if and when possible. It is at times difficult to match existing color types but definitely not impossible, and we know there are other solutions if we are unable to find your existing siding color and style with one of our distributors.

As expected from a Siding Manufacturer there is an array of colors to select from offered by Mastic Premiums Siding Company. As we’ve mentioned before we choose products from companies of like minds. We like the Mastic product line because of its color depth, durability, and availability in our market. Check out some of the Mastic Colors.

Utah Cement Board Repair

Cement Board with Icicles

Because a lot of the product types are so new to the marketplace we don’t see a lot of repairs needed for them. Some of the older products like the older fiber cement as well as asbestos-cement wall siding is vulnerable to impact damage. We understand that these repairs must be done carefully to avoid breaking additional siding shingles when removing and replacing the bad siding. Regardless if it is an older or newer product line that is currently experiencing problems we will take the utmost care when getting it repaired and back in working order.

Utah Soffit and Fascia Repairs

When it comes to the exterior of your home or business the overhang of a roof is typically one of the first areas subject to peeling paint, rot, and weather related issues. These problems are typically caused by animals, bugs, ice dams, improper flashings, or failing gutters. As a professional Utah Roofer we understand the importance and precision it takes to remove existing soffit or fascia so that you don’t damage or remove existing portions of your roof or flashings. Understanding how each of these systems correlate with each other is important to minimize additional damage. In most cases you can match existing colors successfully or if needed you can re-paint the damaged sections as well.

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Customer Testimonials

Date: Jun 2011
Carly F.

"Thank you so very much for going above and beyond to get our job finished today--we really appreciate it, Ryan!
Raphael (and Manuel) are so wonderful--such hard workers. We are very happy with their work, and their attention to detail, cleanliness and personal touch. I am sure they are relieved to be finished with this crazy job!! I can see why your brother said we would love Raphael--he really is such a great guy--what a sweetheart. We also really appreciate the way you have handled the water leak situation. The dormer looks wonderful--thank you very much. I just want to say that your customer service has really been exceptional all around, I know that this job went a little atypical for you, and took longer than you thought, (and you have a heavily pregnant, demanding, impatient woman on your hands), and I appreciate the way you have handled everything. I/we will have nothing but great things to say about you, and your service and craftsmanship, cleanliness, etc. etc..
The roof looks fantastic!
Carly F."

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