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Ventilation is so important to a roof system. Without it your roof system is likely to fail many years sooner than it normally should. The cost to install them is pretty minimal in comparison to the benefit you receive from them. Improper ventilation can cause severe ice dams, mold, mildew and interior water damage. It can also extend the roof life or severely impair it because of excessive heat which can build up and damage roofing materials and result in premature failures. Not only do many other roofing contractors try to cut corners (claiming they are saving you money) by installing cheap ventilation systems but don’t completely understand how a good one works. Some things that are important to know when looking to set up ventilation options for your home or business are what types of vents there are, how they relate to other weatherization products, and what is best in our harsh environments.

Utah Roof Vent Products

Bronze Colored Vents

As with many other roofing products there are many different ventilation products out on the market today. Here are a few of the types available depending on what look you prefer:

  • Ridge vents
  • Turtle vents
  • Gable vents
  • Soffit vents
  • Power fans
  • Solar power fans
  • Turbons

Custom Metal Vents

Custom Metal Vent

If you are looking for something custom fabricated not only for the roof system but for a wall on your home or business we have you covered. We can create high end custom metal vents through our Utah metal manufacturing company. They can be made out of many types of metals including:

  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Anodized Aluminum (can be color dipped to match your roof system)
  • Kynar Coated Steel
  • Rusted Steel

Utah Roof Vents

Roof Vent

Aspen Roofing takes the time to assess the entire structure and what is needed to properly ventilate it. There are two types of vents that can be installed in a home or business:

  • In take vents that bring air into the home or business to replace the warm moist air that can cause damage to your structure
  • Exhaust vents expel that moist air

Ventilation requires both intake and exhaust for proper function and should be equally divided between the two. Ventilation is calculated at one square foot of net free ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic space. You never want to have more exhaust vents than intake vents as it could cause some of the exhaust vents to draw air and act like intake vents and bring moisture into the structure. Ventilation also helps to minimize ice dams by creating a cold roof system. The ultimate goal is to keep your attic space at the same temperature year round if possible.

Utah Roof Vent Contractor

We really do feel that we are better than our competition through both the education piece as well as the installation. Aspen Roofing’s certified technicians attend training every year to ensure every single ventilation system is installed properly. We offer all types of ventilation options depending on what best suits your home or business. We also understand that ventilation only works if you have a clear airway through your insulation. If it isn’t already set up that way we can accomplish it through installing baffles on the underside of the roof deck to ensure an open air way.

Proper insulation also plays a critical role in the overall building design and function to minimize heat loss. Because we are a full service roofing contractor we can not only install the vents, but the attic insulation, and ice melt systems to keep your roof and attic space functioning at full capacity.

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Date: Jul 2013
Daniel Love

"This is now my third and fourth times using Aspen, and they have yet to disappoint in the least. Metal bay window roof and rain gutters look beautiful. Excellent quality of work, excellent customer service. I have no reason to look elsewhere in the future."

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